Tattoos really are a mark of self-expression. Now you have fresh tattoo that is new you would like to take proper care of it. Your tattoo was done with world famous quality ink and sterile equipment by a renowned pro artist. It is extremely essential that you follow these recommendations.

Your tattoo life span depends on the attention-care it receives within the first few week. You’re responsible for the after-care of your tattoo. For those who have any questions regarding of it please do not hesitate to ask.

Don’t do it:

> don’t bandage your tattoo

> don’t apply Vaseline or oil based products on your tattoo

> don’t use alcohol on your tattoo

> don’t rub, pick or scratch your tattoo

> don’t soak your tattoo in the tub

> Stay out from pools, Jacuzzi, lakes. oceans etc… for two weeks

> Keep your tattoo out from direct sun-light and tanning beds


> Be certain your hands are clean before you make contact or touch your tattoo

> Keep your tattoo bandaged a minimum of 2 hour. Don’t replace bandage.

> Remove bandage and clean your tattoo using a light antibacterial soap just with fingertips/hand only.

> Never try to use a fabric to get rid of surface blood.

> Rinse completely then softly pat dry using a clean paper towel and air-dry for 15 minutes

> Use a thin layer of cream. Allow it to soak in for 3-5 Minutes then pat dry using a clean paper-towel.

> Continue doing this for 3-4 times a day till it get completely healed. Don’t Leave a thick layer of cream on.

> don’t scratch or peal the skin away, allow it to fall off naturally throughout by washing. Dead skin will be replaced by fresh skin.

> Colors may look fade or scratching during the healing process but it will return when tattoo is fully healed.

> After several weeks all the scabbing will be gone However, the area may be sensitive.

> Carry on routine cleaning and application of cream.

What exactly is NORMAL:

It’s going to take at-least two weeks to get heal. After 5 to
14 days your tattoo may start to peel off and scab or
develop onion-skin. (a transparent milky coloring on the tattoo)

Tattoo may be reddish, swollen, bruised,
weepy/bleeding and only plain confident when they’re
done. Complex details in a design as well as the longer you
sat there. the higher the chances for all these symptoms.

Exposure to the sun-light is the major cause of tattoo fading.
Consistently use sunscreen when outside In sunlight. A truly
amazing tattoo can become a tragedy if you have not taken aftercare seriously.  –  krishtattoogoa(at)